Your grades do not define you

How coincidental is it that exam season just so happens to fall within the same month where awareness towards Mental Health is priority? Not much.

For most, I know that exam season has just started or is about to start and I’ve been on Instagram seeing the stories of those who have been BURNING that midnight oil, studying without sleep, surviving on only coffee. I see y’all. And I say job well done.

Anxiety and stress reign supreme during exam season and for many reasons too. But I guess the main reasons would have to be the fear of failure, especially after studying for such a lengthy amount of time and putting in so much effort to learn all the things you would’ve been taught.

There are people that are afraid of having to repeat a course. There are other that are afraid of maybe disappointing their loved ones or even their teachers.


Ever since I was a little girl, unknowingly I was forced to believe that failure was never an option and if I failed at anything, I’d amount to nothing in life.

But here I am, a working woman with a blog, still surviving, still breathing and amounting (slowly, but surely) to everything that I want to be in life.

There is nothing wrong with having to do over a course. Maybe it was hard for you to grasp the first time. Maybe you were dealing with stress while studying. Or maybe you just didn’t like the class pssh.

Either way, doing over a course is okay. Lift your chin up and push hard for success the next time around.

And also, try not to focus on disappointing anyone. This is your life. Yes your parents may be upset that you didn’t pass but most of the time parents really don’t understand the severity of finding the strength to attend classes and take exams and so forth.

Don’t try explaining to them either. Just zone out the disappointment and try your best next time.

No matter what grades you get, you’re still an intelligent, strong, brave and worthy individual. And no grades on a flimsy sheet of paper can change that.

I wish everyone the best during the exam season and don’t forget to relax once in awhile.

Take a longer shower/bath, do a face mask, play some Fortnite (I can’t believe I’m saying that) or take a walk. Your mental health is far more important during this time.

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