Wiggle Your Big Toe: Mantra for 2018

“As I lay in the back of Buck’s truck

Trying to will my limbs out of entropy

Before satisfaction would be mine?

First things first…

Wiggle your big toe.” – Beatrix Kiddo/Uma Thurman, Kill Bill.


As I write this, I reminisce on the extremely shitty year that was 2017. Excuse my language but the word crappy doesn’t carry the weight needed to fully describe last year. I honestly can’t speak for everyone; others’ opinions may be different. Last year could’ve been an amazing year for you and that’s totally great. However, for me, it was extremely rough. With every difficulty, came another difficulty and it was overbearing for me. Buuuut since we’re trying to be positive this year, I will say that despite everything, I survived. And I’m pretty proud of myself for that.

Anyway, I’m really straying from the topic of this post (as always).

If you’re a millennial like myself, you should be familiar with the aforementioned quote. In the movie Kill Bill (side note: Kill Bill is 15 years old btw. FIFTEEN.), Uma Thurman seeks revenge on a group of assassins that tried to kill her. In a particular scene, Thurman is seen in a truck parked in the hospital carpark after she had woken up from a 4-year coma. Being in a coma for that long, her limbs were practically deemed useless to her. However, being the badass she is, she fought against that by mentally willing herself to just wiggle her big toe, followed by the rest of her toes, after which she was able to walk again.

I said all that to say this. Life is particularly known for throwing curveballs our way. Things could be going great for us, and just like that, we’re stressing over some random thing that came out of literally NOWHERE. Uma was just trying to get married and deliver a perfectly healthy baby. But life, being a biatch said “Yo, let’s kill her.” It happens.

Okay I’m now realizing that that analogy was just a tad bit too much but I really hope you guys understand where I’m coming from.

In all this, it’s really important that we remind ourselves that we are tougher than any obstacle we face, even though it may feel like the literal end of the world. It really isn’t. So, for this new year, I urge you to keep fighting. And for the times where you feel totally unable to go any further, it’s 110% okay to reach out for help. Reaching out doesn’t mean that you’re weak; it shows that you are really determined to get through this and that’s the strongest thing someone can do. So whenever life goes apeshit on you, just do one thing. Wiggle your big toe.

PS. I just want to wish each and every one of you reading an extremely late happy new year and I wish you all the best in your endeavors, whether that be creating your own business this year or acquiring a sugar daddy, do you and I hope you prosper.

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