What Are You Feeding Yourself?

I always come on my blog to talk about my own personal thoughts and experiences and I always hope that someone, somewhere can relate and that every post that I write helps someone through their daily lives.


So with that being said, I want to ask you the simple question:

“What are you feeding yourself?”

One of my many guilty pleasures while going through a depressive episode is depression memes. As soon as I feel myself spiraling out of control, I’d hop over to Tumblr like the crackhead I am and legitimately type in ‘depression memes’ and get my fix. It became a necessity for me; my own little special way of coping. I mean, I literally dedicated an entire album on my phone for these memes. Unfortunately, not all methods of coping are healthy.

Apart from the memes, this “fix” also extended to the people I kept around me. We’d share even more depressing memes on Facebook, and talk about how our lives were so messed up and that dying wouldn’t be such a bad thing. It guess it was therapeutic in a sense because I found peace in knowing that there were other people around me who felt the same way and experienced the same things as me. But in the long term, how would that benefit me? How would that benefit us?

I was kicked back into reality when my best friend, during another one of my mental breakdowns, gave me a lecture that’s going to stick with me forever. Of course I can’t remember the exact words she sent in her message but the lesson I took away was this: I need to feed myself with positivity and I need to keep positive and healthy company around me. She spoke about her experiences and said that she was also guilty of the same thing once but then she realized that the lack of positivity was not, in any way, doing her good so she decided to fight for her happiness; to invite every bit of positivity in her life and ward off the negative mumbo-jumbo. And eventually she realized that her energy; her heart, her mind and spirit were the most important things that she could protect and negativity puts that in a lot of danger.

Protect your heart. Protect your mind. Protect your spirit.

Mental illness already has the splendid job of being the harbinger of negativity in every possible form but we have to make a conscious effort to combat that every single day; to invite and saturate ourselves in as much positivity as possible.


From the pages we follow on our social media profiles, to the conversations we keep, to the people we spend most of our time with… These are all things that we’re feeding ourselves and we need to be extremely careful when it comes to the things we invite in our lives.

Take stock of the things that you’re feeding yourself. Your friends, your family (yes, you can love your family members from afar), the music you listen to, the material you read, the things you watch… All of these simple everyday elements and activities that we pay very little attention to.

Enter each day with mindfulness, and if anything poses even a small threat to your overall well-being, get rid of it.

Your brain, the cute little nugget up there, will thank you later. ❤

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