This Journey Is Your Own.

I’m not going to lie.

There have been times in my life where I have felt intense envy towards those that have been gradually getting their shit together while I’m here, still hastily putting together broken parts of my life that were shattered years ago.

I’d scroll through social media and see my friends as well as some acquaintances posting about their new job, their graduation, their chiseled rocking gym body, their new and faithful significant other and alright I’ll stop right there before I start getting jealous again lol.

Even seeing my fellow blogger friends on Twitter get so many views on their blogs, and seeing them get incredible blogging opportunities would get to me, in a bad way. I mean, I am extremely proud of some of the close blogging friends I’ve made but ugh please don’t hate me for feeling just a tiny bit jealous.

Seeing people around me overcoming so much with regards to their mental health and so forth would make me feel so weak at times.

My mind would usually become bombarded with the thought of never getting to the place where I attain physical, mental, spiritual and financial stability and being left behind while everyone else progressed in life.

I’d feel so low.

And having an overly-anxious mind just makes the situation more daunting. Questions like “Would I ever get out of this rut?” to “Why is everyone doing better than me?” followed by “Is something wrong with me?” would casually cruise around my mind and I’m sure we can all relate to how insanely overwhelming that gets.

But I had to remind myself today (yes, today) that everyone’s situations and mine are NOT THE SAME.

We are all battling different demons in our lives. We all have different living conditions, different struggles, different timelines and we should try our best to never compare ourselves to someone else.

The things they’ve faced and overcame, you may actually not be able to. And vice versa.

Your Journey is Your Own

I know it’s hard to believe the saying “God doesn’t give you more than you can bear.”. Trust me, there were times in my life when I argued with God and asked Him “Yo!!!!!! What is this?! I can’t handle this!”

But it’s true.

You can and WILL overcome the dark times in YOUR life. Just like they’ve done in theirs.

Everything will fall into place in its own timing.

Instead, let’s practice the habit of showing love and encouragement to those that are thriving around us. Envy is never a good emotion to feed on. It’s bad for your health, in all aspects.

The next time you feel a bit jealous about someone’s success, take a deep breath, repeat this short affirmation “Everything will fall into place for me in its own timing” and congratulate them on their success.

They may actually need the encouragement and I’m 100% sure you’re going to feel a lot better deep within yourself.

This journey is your own. And you will overcome every obstacle. I promise you this.



8 thoughts on “This Journey Is Your Own.

  1. Yup, you summed it up. The hardest part is actually remembering that statement when you’re feeling really low or envious of what other people might have.
    Sometimes I feel like getting your shit back together is something you have to consciously start almost from scratch every day. It can be disheartening.
    It takes a lot of strength and I’m sure we have it.

    Hang in there, Antoria 🙂

  2. This is beautiful. It can be so hard sometimes not to compare yourself to others, but the best thing we can do is share in the joy of others, rather than envy it – you hit the nail on the head here.

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