Sunday Talk: Self-Compassion.

Let’s talk self-compassion.

I think self-compassion is something really hard to implement in our lives. Especially when you’re living in a society that teaches kids from early that failure isn’t acceptable. So now, when we’re faced with instances of failure or inadequacy, we have no choice but to constantly beat down on ourselves. This more than often leads us to give up oh too soon on goals that we’ve set; be it short term or long term.

This doesn’t only apply to goal-setting but also to the way we see ourselves physically. Self-love is extremely rare and I still experience days where I consider myself less than I am. On all sides are we bombarded by society’s ridiculous expectations for us and sometimes it can become extremely overwhelming.

I have two small tips I’d like to leave with you to help you practice giving yourself more credit and being compassionate to your own being.

1. Never forget the reason why you started: “Why did you start working out every day?” “Why did you start taking piano lessons?” “Why did you start blogging?” The answers to those questions are your goals. At some point, there was a desire to accomplish some grand plan in your head. And you manifested that desire by taking the first step towards that goal. However, there are going to be days where we fall short. We miss a few days of gym. We don’t show up for class. You don’t post on your blog. And this is okay. It is at this moment that we remind ourselves that we have a goal to accomplish and there is no one to do but us. Rest. Breathe. I advise on these days to mediate and/or journal.

2. Be patient with yourself: Be it working towards a goal or just practicing self-love, realize that there will be days where you’re going to feel like complete and utter rubbish. You’re going to want to crawl up in bed and isolate yourself. Allow those days to come. Those are the days that, with a changed mindset, will charge us up to hit the ground running once again. I advise cleaning up your room, drinking some coffee or tea, eating your favorite foods or watching either a motivational TEDtalk or your favorite series on those days. It helps a ton.

This is the first post into my weekly segment called “Sunday Talk”. Thank you for dropping in 🙂

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