Sunday Talk: Decluttering.

Decluttering is therapeutic.

I think I’ve mentioned a couple times in previous blog posts that the condition of my surroundings can be extremely indicative of how much control I have over other things in my life. So when I woke up today and fully registered that my room is in the hottest mess it has ever been in (dirty and clean clothes everywhere, bed sheet hanging on to my mattress for dear life while dragging on the floor etc.), I decided I needed to make a change.

And I know you must be saying “How in the world is cleaning out your room therapeutic Antoria?”

I noticed over the past few weeks, I’ve been in a dark place where my mind was so cluttered and I wasn’t performing at my best. Even now, I still feel that way. Writing this blog post is really hard right now because I’ve been feeling extremely demotivated. But I guess cleaning up my room, my space, the place where I spend majority of my time working was the first step.

It made me feel lighter.

The burden of depression is there, mind you, but knowing that I had the ability to actually perform the task of cleaning my space while feeling like shit makes me fee; as though I can handle all the other obstacles in my way.

So I urge you. Take a day this upcoming week and declutter. Remove all the useless things. Dust your shelves. Make up your bed. Decorate your room.

Clean your space. And I promise you, everything will feel lighter.

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  1. I actually did this a couple of days, getting rid of anything and everything that didnt serve me. I felt sooo much better after letting go. I feel like I have freed up space for new positive energy

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