SELF. Part 1: Let's be Honest.

I have not been totally committed to my blog. There. I said it. And believe it or not, it felt really good to say that. As small as it may seem to you, my beautiful readers, it’s a huge thing for me to admit. And sometimes it can be hard to admit things, especially when it’s some thing subjectively negative about ourselves. It’s even harder to admit when our loved ones point out this negative trait in us and advise us to get rid of it. We’re so quick to draw our swords and get defensive; feeding ourselves with the assumption that they’re just bullying us, when in fact, they’re doing the exact opposite. However, we should never wait for someone to let us know of this negative habit or character trait. This should be something left for an expert to do. And that is expert is me. you. us. To live our best lives, we MUST first be honest with OURSELVES.

Being honest with yourself is a mental battle. It’s a battle between your comfort zone and yourself; where your only weapon is a strong mindset. In every aspect of our lives, we‘ve got to sit down and carefully sift through and pull out the hidden weeds in our system that could be detrimental to us in the long run. This is done through self-introspection.

I have to admit that recently I did some self-introspection myself lately and realize that I am a very demotivating person (to myself). I talk down on myself way too much and it suddenly hit me that I personally have held myself back from achieving my fullest potential because I told myself that I’m not smart enough to do something or I’m not brave enough etc. Sometimes it’s so subtle too. An opportunity would arise and although in my heart I know it’s some thing I’ll enjoy, my mind would tell me to just forget about it, without me even batting an eye or moving a muscle That’s going to be detrimental to myself in the long run. So I stuck a pin (a very sharp one, mind you) and I decided to work on that.


That brings me to my last point (where even did my first point begin?). It’s one thing to do the self-introspection and recognize the bad stuff in your life. It’s also a whole other thing to do something about it. That’s where the strong mindset comes in. And a strong mindset isn’t something that develops overnight. It’s a process. A tiring, tedious but “totally worth-it” process. I plan on vigorously working on my constant and subtle demotivation by getting out there more and taking hold of different opportunities that come my way. So this is my advice to you: take some days to just separate yourself and check the different departments of your life for an hour or more. Acknowledge that persistent weed that rears its ugly head in your life and work hard to pull it out and throw it away. You’ll thank yourself (and me) later.

However, a little disclaimer: There will be days where we lose the battle. Where we reluctantly crawl our way back into our comfort zone and nest uncomfortably. But what I’ve learned is that it’s okay to fall down sometimes. But it’s never okay to stay down. There are things that need to be done. 2018 is all about living our best lives. Time to be honest with yourself. That’s the first step to a better you.

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