Self-Care Isn't Always Facemasks and Pedicures.

Since the conception of the concept of self care, we’ve been fed with the idea that self care is solely about pampering and the like. Stuff along the lines of getting your hair and nails did, exercising (wow I need to start that back jeez), putting on facemasks and posting up ridiculously photogenic pictures of it on Instagram (how? How do you guys do that)? etc. Now, the idea is not wrong per se. But there are totally different non-physical ways someone can perform the sweet and wholesome act of self-care.

  • Getting rid of toxic people in your life: It’s been said time and time again that protecting your heart and your energy is the best form of self-care. And yes I know, I’m sounding cliche but it’s insanely true. The people you keep around you can either impact your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual life positively or negatively. And you are the one to decide. Take a mental check on the people you have around you? Are they loyal? Trust-worthy? Kind? Honest? Loving? Supportive? Attentive to detail? Punctual? (Yeah basically turn that mental check into a comparative candidate evaluation or something.) Your overall wellbeing is super important; and the people around you should uplift you, not weigh you down.


  • Becoming self-aware: I’ve always thought of peace not as the absence of chaos on the outside world, but rather as the absence of chaos within. Because we all know this world is just going to get more and more chaotic as the years go by. Identity, self-love and all these things are internally-based. And most of us, if not all of us, are in a constant battle regarding them. Becoming self-aware is a treasure honestly that I see going hand in hand with peace and truly I think that’s the most hard-core self-care ever.


Yeah, this post is really sudden and extremely short because as some of you may know, I’ve been having a huge internal struggle these days that has affected my blogging life and everything else. So I’m just writing this to more so get myself slowly back into the groove of writing and finding happiness in it. I apologize for how scrappy the writing may be. Look forward to more content soon. Thank you for understanding. x



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