Self-Care is the Best Care.

Life sucks.

I think that’s the unified sentiment of the entire world. Our lives suck. And hey, if your life doesn’t suck, please let me know what drug you’re taking or what spell you’re under because ya girl needs it. Sometimes, if not all the time, the weight of the world gets too overbearing for us to function; so much so that we just NEED to take a breather. Or 50. It’s your choice. It’s during times like this where we need to become really selfish with our time and we need to withdraw ourselves to feel better. This is totally okay, by the way. We need to take care of ourselves because in case you didn’t know… Everyone else is busy taking care of themselves. It’s time to hop on the Self Care train, my friend. Here are a few self-care practices that you can implement in your life for when things get really rough.

  • Get more sleep: Sleep is very important and we need to understand that. Sleep helps us escape from reality for a few hours and it also helps us to recharge. There was a time in my life where I would stay up until 3-4 am and then get only 2 hours of sleep and go about my day as IF THAT WAS HEALTHY. It’s not. It eventually sends you flying off the rails and your physical and mental health slowly start disintegrating. So, it’s time to log off early; tell Ronda that y’all can talk about the hot guy at gym and his butt another time. Drink a hot cup of tea (not Earl Grey, that one sucks) and hit the hay.


  • Get rid of toxic people: This one is a no-brainer. However, it’s one of the hardest things for people to implement in their lives, myself included. Any one can be toxic: your parents can be toxic, your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, damn even you can be toxic to your own self. The main reason as to why getting rid of toxicity in our lives is so hard is because we refuse to do anything about the red flags we see being raised in our daily interactions with these people. These people consistently drain us mentally and emotionally but we always like to believe that they’ll change and they’ll be better. Honey, no. Having hope is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. But don’t have too much hope in mankind. Get rid of them. Let go of the burden. Take care of yourself.


  • Take longer showers: Sometimes, and this is like the ugliest truth about me, I hate going in the shower. And if I do, my showers are short. What I slowly began to realize is that we gotta see the water as a cleanser not only for our bodies, but also for our minds. Drench your entire body from head to toe, ridding yourself of all the negativity and stress that life just loves to throw at you. Now, when I get ready for work, I make sure I wake up early enough to spend at least 20 mins in the shower. 🙂


  • Pamper yourself: If you’re not broke like me, go make an appointment at a spa. Go get your nails done. Most of the times, we’re mostly working so hard, doing things for others and making sure that they’re happy, eventually we tend to forget ourselves and our happiness. It does feel good to just sit back, and allow someone to work hard to make YOU happy.




  • Take yourself on a date: Yes. You read correctly. I want you to pick yourself up and dress really nicely, wear those shoes you always loved, wear that suit or wear that dress that makes you look like Chris Hemsworth or Blake Lively and go for dinner by yourself. You’ll be reluctant to do so at first, but overtime you’ll begin to enjoy the solitude (and the nice food duh). And also, it’s during these alone times that you learn so much more about yourself. Being around people can sometimes be very overwhelming.


  • Write down 5 things you’re grateful for… Every morning: An oldie but goldie. Now, truth be told, I’ve never actually done this. But hear me out! I’ve heard a lot of great things about taking at least 10 mins every morning grabbing your own personal journal, and writing down at least 5 things you’re grateful for. Doing this really puts your mind into a different perspective, not overnight of course, but once you keep practicing this, it does. You begin to once again see the good in many different things, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.


  • Dance: Oh this one is my all-time favorite! This one, I actually do and I can tell y’all the wondersssss of dancing. Sometimes when I’m feeling really down, I put on my favorite song (at the moment it’s Crawl by Tender) and boyyyyy I get down, WITH THE GET DOWN. Now I could only dance so much (because I’m a granny at heart), but dancing really helps. The immediate release of serotonin mixed with the adrenaline is so therapeutic, sigh just try it.




  • Learn a new hobby: Whether it be learning how to knit, learning photography, *cough* picking up the hobby of stalking hot guys on your street *cough*, or painting… Whatever it is, learn it. It’ll be your means of escape later down the road, trust me.


There are many others that I haven’t touched on (because I’m trying to write shorter articles oopsies) but if you have any more self-care tips that you’d like to share, feel free to let me know in the comments!


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  1. (Apparently I’m using some random person’s WordPress account oops) But I relate to the first line SO MUCH as of late, and honestly I truly need to do some self care…por eso I’ll definitely be trying some of your tips… mixed with alcohol oops :). ♥ Nice blog love, your humor is golden tbh.

  2. My Self Care tip is ecxercise, it rejuvanates you, that great feeling you feel after completing a work out, that’s your body thanking you. Never underestimate the importance of excercise.

  3. A lot of people (or at least a lottt of people I know) don’t seem to understand withdrawing yourself and being selfish with your time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re depressed or something is wrong with you. Thanks for mentioning that aspect of self care, and great article 🙂

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