Living with Depression as a Christian

I’ve gotta say that being a Christian with depression has proven itself to be one of the hardest things I’ve had to cope with (and I’m actually still learning to cope with).

There are many aspects of this that have affected me and still affect me to this very day. But these two that I’m gonna stress on are the ones that I believe most Christians living with depression could relate to.

1. When your pastor/religious parents tell you that your mental illness is a result of sin: I was in church today and my pastor brought up the topic of mental illnesses. I may not be able to quote him word for word but he said something along the lines of “The greatest mental illness there is is sin. As a matter of fact, mental illnesses are a result of sin.” Immediately, sorry to say, I was turned off. I took that statement to heart and I started tearing up in my seat. My depression already has the insane tendency of twisting my thoughts and making me think all sorts of negative things, so you could imagine what I thought when I heard this.

I immediately thought that something was wrong with me. That I had some “spirit” inside of me that made me depressed. That I was cursed. That I’m somewhat doomed. I would constantly think “Is my depression a sin?”

It even gets worse when your parents portray that similar message to you whenever you bring up your depression. So sometimes you’re forced to be silent about your depression or your anxiety or your bipolar disorder etc. And half of the time, your relationship would be strained with your parents because you’d be quite reluctant to go to them for any sort of advice.

It’s really difficult.

2. Your relationship with God would be strained because you assume that He’s not there: I remember the times where I’d immediately pray when I felt an inch of depression creep up on me. I must say I had a pretty good with relationship with God last year.

But that changed after I was diagnosed in July and things started getting progressively worse for me with regards to my mental health. I stopped praying. I stopped reading my Bible. I stopped going to church as often.

I was always asking myself “Where is God? Why is He allowing me to hurt?” And that had caused a lot of strain on my spiritual life now.

I have no idea how to get out of this situation. I’d like to believe that like everything else, it’ll just pass and things would get better. But it doesn’t feel that way in this case.

If you’re reading this and you experience the same things as listed above, comment below and let me know what you have done or what you’re doing to overcome depression as a Christian. I’d really love some advice and I’d love to hear your stories. Don’t forget to follow me via email so you can be notified of every upload. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful week.

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