Learning to Let Go

Letting go is hard. ESPECIALLY when you know it is in no way good for your overall well-being. Makes no sense, right? Because I mean, any logical person would immediately leave or let go of something if they knew in their heart of hearts that that thing reeks of toxicity and should be removed ASAP. Well newsflash, we ain’t that logical. Or at least, I’M not that logical.

I am 20 years old, and although some of you may think that’s like soooooo young, guess what? My knees go crick-crack. Just like that. Ayyyyyy! (Antoria is very incapable of being serious, please forgive her.) In my 20 years of life, I have been through a lot as a growing woman, some things that I could’ve avoided but I still put myself through out of sheer stubbornness. I have also learned a lot while growing up but one thing that continues to bug me is that I haven’t learned how to let go. It’s too hard for me.

Even when it comes down to simple things like learning to let go of the only throw pillow I had a kid (currently lying down on it as I type this, it smells so good sigh), I find it so difficult to do. And let’s not even talk about letting go of toxic people! That’s the hardest bit.

I sat in bed last night thinking of the amount of people I’ve had to let go of and how trying the process was for me. It made me cry a little to know that I’ve casually invited all these toxic people into my life and I would give them countless chances, hoping that maybe they’d change. And I laughed at how naïve I was. But what I’m learning is this: People don’t change UNLESS they want to. And you have to learn you are not obligated to keep them around until that blessed change comes. You have a life. A life that is worth living. No one is allowed to keep YOU from living your best life. And in order to achieve our best life, we must first learn to let go.

So this week, how about you and I do some self-introspection? Let’s make a list of habits, people, things etc. that are proving themselves to be detrimental in our lives and let’s learn to let go of them. It’s not gonna be easy; you’re going to find yourself crawling back at times. But you have to keep reminding yourself why we are doing this in the first place. You have to work hard to reap the fruit of your best life. Let’s start living our best lives. Let’s learn to let go.

PS. Most likely I’ll come back to this topic to give you some tips and pointers for letting go in a video format 😉 So look out for that! Until next time, peace out!

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