Get out.

Lately, I’ve been seeking out different means of coping with my recent spike in anxiety attacks that have left me feeling really drained and out of it. It started off with me just cleaning my room and removing all the clutter that lingered around in places it shouldn’t have been.

And I guess you’re wondering how cleaning my room helps… Well it makes me feel as though I have some sort of control of what’s going on around me, and control of yourself and your surroundings is one of the many things that you lose during anxiety attacks so trust me, forcing yourself to get up and clean the area around you or just organizing things really helps.

For my female audience… I tried shaving WITHOUT reason and boyyyy! It was actually satisfying. Me just sitting there, pampering myself for myself was literally the most amazing I’ve experienced for a while.

I also started working out and drinking more water and trying to eat in moderation and not give in to any of my body’s “depression cravings”. It feels really good to be in control of things.

But what I wanted to talk about was what I did yesterday. I made up in mind that I wasn’t going to spend 50% of the weekend in bed, all alone with sad music and my thoughts; I needed to get out. So I decided that I was going to do just that.

I took a quick and totally disorganized trip to the beach with a good friend and it was everything I needed.

Just a happy black girl laughing without care.

I gave my mind a break from thinking in overdrive and just allowed myself to live in the moment, enjoying the vast amount of nature around me. I smiled, I laughed, I almost got
swallowed up whole by the ocean (didn’t die though) and all in all I just really thoroughly enjoyed myself.

My advice to you this week is to take some time for yourself and get out there. Whether it be to the beach, an amusement park, the zoo or to the movies, pick yourself up and get out.

You’ll thank yourself later down the road for taking that time and showing yourself some immense self-care.

Photo creds go out to the very talented (and very critical 🙄) Jathan.

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  1. Funny to see others having the same experience with cleaning helping with anxiety. It feels to me like if there is mess and chaos around me it only increases the feeling of mess and chaos within. Cleaning my house is like cleaning my mind! I’m happy you found a way to cope, and I wish you good luck on your self-care journey ❤ hugs

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