Day 3 of Gratitude: The Little Things

Life is really chaotic.

So much so, that many things tend to get blurred in the process. When you’re in an unstable headspace, it’s going to be the hardest thing to think about all the positive things that may be going on in and around you at that point in time. Sometimes, we forget that amidst all the bullshit, we still have life, we still have an easy access to food (although food is expensive as hell these days, damn), clothes on our backs (those are borderline expensive, might as well be naked to be honest) and so much more.

After experiencing a really dark time for the past few weeks, I decided that I needed to feed myself with more motivation, more hope and more gratitude. So I started reading this really nice motivational book entitled “Get Over It and On With It!” by Michelle McKinney Hammond (click here to check out her website) and after reading the introduction, one thing really resonated within me. Sometimes it just takes that small shift in mindset to really bring forth positvity. Here’s a small anecdote that Hammond used in her intro:

‘Once upon a time, there were twin brothers. One optimistic. One pessimistic. For the sake of understanding their different temperaments, their mother enlisted the help of a noted psychologist. The psychologist instructed her to put the pessimistic child in a room filled with various sizes and shapes of wrapped presents. The optimistic child was to be placed in a room filled with manure. With this task done, the mother and the psychologist visited the children to gauge each one’s response to his circumstances. They found the pessimistic child sitting among his presents, gazing at them in complete disbelief. When asked why he had not opened any, he simply stated, “They couldn’t possibly be for me!” Moving on to the next child, they were a bit concerned to see no sign of him in the manure-filled room. They called for him, and his head emerged from one of the piles. When asked what he was doing, he answered, “With this much mess, there’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!”‘

There’s no need for me to elaborate on that any further.

The moral? Sometimes it just takes a small change in our mindset and appreciate the little things around us in every aspect of our lives. What if one of those gifts was an an actual pony? Well we all know homeboy wasn’t getting that pony. And what if there were two ponies in that pile of crap? TWO PONIES GUYS! Think of all the rides!

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, despite the mess of this life, let’s learn to appreciate the small things and let’s train our minds to develop a positive outlook on all things. It will surely help us earn some ponies.


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