About Finding Satori

The Backstory…

Finding Satori was created in September of 2017 by me, Antoria Lynch, a newbie blogger who had no idea how the blogging world works. The idea came to me at a downtime in my life and I was desperately in need for some thing to hold on to… To live for.

What Is It Now…

Finding Satori is my way of contributing to the mental health community. Through my personal battles and experiences, I wish to reach out to those suffering from mental illness who may be too ashamed to do so themselves. I plan on providing strength to those that want to give up every day, because I too am in that predicament myself. I want to be a voice. I refuse to be silent about my mental health.

Meet the Girl Behind the Screen.

The creator and author of Finding Satori.

I love cats. I live in the Caribbean (and no I do not live in some shack on the beach) and I have probably the most annoying laugh you’d ever hear in life (thank God you wouldn’t get to hear that on here).

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